Mineral Management


Issues :

  • Interact among themselves & with other components of feed.
  • Compete with each other for same route of absorption.

Sakthi – Less For More

Sakthi – Less For More

Benefits :

  • food safety concerns, ethics, environmental concerns
  • rise in food intolerances, dietary preferences and or restrictions.
  • “free-from” contaminations (HM, PCB’s & Dioxins), sustainability

Sakthi chelated minerals are in available in Zinc, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Selenium and Chromium in individual and combination forms designed for optimal trace mineral nutrition for Breeders, Broilers and Layers. These microminerals are contribute vital roles in poultry species:

Breeders Broilers Layers
Improves Fertility
Improves feed efficiency
Improves eggshell quality
Improves Hatchability
Improves weight gain
Increases egg protein
Structural Components collagen
and bone enhanced
Increases egg protein
Increases egg protein
Decreases skin scratches and cellulites
Decreases hen mortality

Sakthi Solutions :